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Audacity Crazy Behavior (not, for old people like me)

So for the life of me I couldn't figure out why, when I pressed pause in audacity, I would press play it would start the tape from the beginning. I was like this is a UX / UI / Bug issue... I found the BEST explanation... particularly because I have had tape recorders do the same thing.... in IRL. Now I get it, the pause button is a toggle like back in the old days. Done EOF for me, good to go. LOL :)

Re: Play, from paused, jumps to the start for no reason

Post by AndyCivil » Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:14 am

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  • 1. What is the difference between "pause" and "stop"? I suggest that when you pause, you expect to continue from the same place. If the current state of play is "pause", you have already declared your intention to resume from the same place, so jumping to the start of the selection is not logical.

  • 2. The toggle feature of the 'pause' button seems to be a hangover from the days when pause was achieved with a pop-in pop-out mechanism that lifted the capstan wheel away from the spindle, preventing it from driving the tape. However, to copy that model, you would have to mandate that the pause button would have to be released—pressing play would do nothing (because the tape transport was in play anyway).

  • 3. Although the play button functions as "play from beginning of selection" that is not the icon used on it. The icon for that, is a 'play' triangle with a vertical bar to the left of it. Some devices have both, e.g. this one http://www.dtxmania.net/wiki.cgi?page=qa_dtxc_create_e therefore, the icon used does not correspond with the function.

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