Volume buttons on LG phones

So, instead of butt dialing, I ended up butt photographing or butt taking QuickNotes+. 

The volume up and down buttons can be shortcuts to the QuickNotes+ (up) or the camera (down) by double clicking them EVEN WHILE the phone is LOCKED. So annoying. 

Perhaps it's because I've been sick the last couple days, but it took forever to find out this information... to disable it just go to Settings -> General -> Shortcut Keys. Turn it off there. 


When the phone is locked... it should be locked! Nothing should activate the phone if you don't put in the passphrase/key/etc.



I still love that LG keeps the headphone jack, so I'll give them a pass on that setting to be defaulted as "on". I actually switched to LG for the headphone jack.


OP: https://www.reddit.com/r/lgg6/comments/67row0/how_to_turn_off_volume_hotkeys/


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