polywogsys (polywogsys) wrote,

Paste into password fields that are blocked

So I find it really annoying that there are websites which block pasting of passwords.

Here's a way around it:

1) Manually (ff)

  • Start the developer tools (F12)

  • click on inspector

  • click on the arrow next to the inspector

  • click on  the password field (to highlight the code)

  • find and remove "onpaste=false"

2) Automatically, each time... (ff)

  • Go to the about://config

  • Enter "dom.events.clipboardevents.enabled" and switch it to false

3) Automatically, each time (Chrome)

  • Use the "Don't F*ck With Paste" extension (with the "u" when searching for it)

Tags: chrome, firefox, html, js, passwords

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