polywogsys (polywogsys) wrote,

oggenc settings with various WAV input files

So I was trying to encode a WAV file into Ogg Vorbis format. I kept getting the following error:

Skipping chunk of type "", length 0
Skipping chunk of type "", length 1635017060
Warning: Unexpected EOF in reading WAV header
ERROR: Input file "FOOBAR.WAV" is not a supported format

I checked the encoding:

> sndfile-info ./FOOBAR.WAV
Length : 18391552
RIFF : 18391544
fmt  : 484
  Format        : 0x1 => WAVE_FORMAT_PCM
  Channels      : 2
Sample Rate   : 48000
  Block Align   : 4
  Bit Width     : 16
  Bytes/sec     : 192000
data : 18391040

Sample Rate : 48000
Frames      : 4597760
Channels    : 2
Format      : 0x00010002
Sections    : 1
Seekable    : TRUE
Duration    : 00:01:35.787
Signal Max  : 18887 (-4.79 dB)

Oggenc assumes that the input will be 44.1k, since this is 48k, we need to tell oggenc to expect a 48k:

> oggenc -b 128 -r -R 48000 -o foobar.ogg FOOBAR.WAV
Encoding "FOOBAR.WAV" to
at approximate bitrate 128 kbps (VBR encoding enabled)
        Encoding [ 0m01s so far] -

Done encoding file "foobar.ogg"

        File length:  1m 35.0s
        Elapsed time: 0m 01.4s
        Rate:         70.5000
        Average bitrate: 108.4 kb/s
Tags: media, mp3, music, ogg, vorbis

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