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Odyssey Access Client "IM Driver" error

On Windows 7 I ran into an error installing the Odyssey Access Client. Attempting to install I would get to jpnprna.dll or something and it would fail with "IM Driver" error. To fix this I uninstalled Virtual PC, and anything adding a virtual NIC. (i.e.: Cisco AnyConnect Client, Oracle VirtualBox, Juniper's Secure Application Manager, etc.) I had all of these installed at once. After removing them all, I was able to install Odyssey Access Client just fine.
Then I came across a second problem with their "Wireless Supression" feature. It kept saying that I always had a wired connection and wouldn't get on the wireless network. It has to do with these Virtual NIC's. OAC comes with a predefined list of Virtual NIC's but apparently, it didn't take into account Oracle's VirtualBox's Host-Only NIC. To have OAC ignore this NIC, I edited the following Registry Key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Funk Software, Inc.\odyssey\client\configuration\options\adapterTypes\virtual" and added the following String registry key:
String "v5" as "VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter"
The key's name varies depending on how many virtual adapters you have installed already; I had v1 through v4. The key's value is based on what the OAC sees. In order to find out what it is, in OAC go toConfiguration > Adapters > Add > All Adapters. Use the string as it appears in the "Adapter" column.
Tags: im driver, juniper, nic, odyssey, virtual nic, virtualbox, windows
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